Useful Reports (National)

Below is a list of reports and publications on rural affordable housing that you may find useful:

Making housing affordable again: Rebalancing the nation’s housing system, Affordable Housing Commission, March 2020

Impact of national policy for affordable housing thresholds on the delivery of rural affordable housing: Report of Rural Services Network survey, Jo Lavis, November 2019

A Planner’s Guide to Community Led Housing, Jo Lavis, June 2019

It’s time for a rural strategy, RSN, March 2019

Rural housing delivery in Wales: How effective is rural exception site policy?, report for RTPI Wales by Cardiff University, January 2019

A new rural settlement – fixing the affordable housing crisis in rural England, IPPR, June 2018

Labour Country – How to rebuild the connection with rural voters, Fabian Society, March 2018

Rural housing for an ageing population: Preserving independence, HAPPI 4, APPG Housing and care for Older People, April 2018

Viable Villages, CPRE/Shelter, March 2018

Sustainable villages – Making rural communities fit for the future, CLA Policy Briefing 3, 2018

Affordable homes in the countryside – the role of Entry Level Exception Sites, CLA Policy Briefing 2, 2018

Affordable housing saving rural services: Rural Life Monitor 2017, NHF

Rural Affordable Housing on Rural Exception Sites: A Hands-On Guide for Landowners, Strutt & Parker/ Rural Housing Solutions, July 2017

Right To Home? Rethinking Homelessness in Rural Communities, IPPR, June 2017

Strong Foundations: Meeting Rural Housing Needs, CLA, June 2017

On Solid Ground – Encouraging landowners to invest in rural affordable housing, CPRE, November 2016

Affordable Housing: A Fair Deal for Rural Communities, Report of the Rural Housing Policy Review, February 2015

Affordable Rural Housing: A Practical Guide for Parish Councils, Rural Housing Alliance, 2014

How to involve the community in rural housing development, Hastoe, June 2013

Innovation in practice – Delivering rural housing, Hastoe, July 2013

Rural housing at a time of economic change, CCHPR, May 2012

Rural Masterplanning Fund – Lessons Learned, HCA, August 2011

The Rural Challenge: Achieving sustainable rural communities for the 21st Century. The Rural Coalition, August 2010

Rural Affordable Housing Project Final Report, Defra/HCA, July 2010

Rural Housing Economic Viability Toolkit, Scott Wilson for Defra/HCA, July 2010

Rural Housing Economic Viability Toolkit – Stage 1 Report, Scott Wilson for Defra/HCA, July 2010

Affordable housing keeps villages alive, NHF, July 2010

Research into Rural Housing Affordability, Colin Buchanan for Defra, May 2010

Assessing Rural Housing Needs, Lavis & Riding for NHF, February 2010

State of the Countryside update: Housing demand and supply, CRC, February 2010


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